Reno, NV 89519

C. Robert Cox


July 19, 1942 – August 21, 2023

“Our good friend, partner, and mentor C. Robert Cox passed on August 21, 2023. Bob never liked to speak of his credentials or accomplishments, so I won’t do so here. Bob was a brilliant lawyer and fine man. He had a razor-sharp mind, a quick wit, and tremendous trial lawyer’s instinct. Bob could learn the facts and law of complex cases more quickly than anyone. He was always there to help his partners, even at the last minute if need be. He was an incredible advocate, and a master of cross-examination. I loved watching Bob examine witnesses. He could lead an adverse witness pleasantly down a path and spring his trap before they realized what happened. Bob began his law practice with my father 54 years ago. Fourteen years later he hired me out of law school. Bob would always tell me what a great mentor my father was. And he must have been, because C. Robert Cox was the finest trial attorney I have ever worked with. As my father was a mentor to Bob, he was for me. In addition to being an exceptional lawyer, Bob was a man who lived life to the fullest. He wanted to try every new sport and adventure. My father used to say, nobody lives life more fully and energetically than Bob Cox. He was right. Bob had a curious mind, and a deep interest in a wide variety of topics. He traveled the world with his wife, Sherry, who brought a fullness to his life. They made a great pair. Always on the go, having fun, and learning about new places, cultures, and people. Bob loved his children and grandchildren and was an important part of their lives. Rest in Peace my friend, yours was a life well lived.” Procter J. Hug


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